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About Us

IGS Assessment is one of the leading International certification body operating in South India, from the city of Madurai with rich Cultural influence and heritage.  IGS had worked with major Metal and rubber industries and valuable clients around south India.            

IGS Assessment is established as an independent certification with its main objective to safeguard life, property and environment through quality assurance and total quality management .IGS Assessment has been providing their value added certification services to the Government, Public and Private Sector Organizations involved in various areas/activities. It is a professional organization backed by devoted, highly qualified and experienced personnel. We provide a wide spectrum of customer oriented certification services in an efficient and cost effective manner.


IGS Assessment shall create an environment where each employee contributes to all aspects of our business process and shall strive for continuous improvement to meet with customer Satisfaction by having a strong feedback system from clients, auditors and certification staff. IGS Assessment ensures that its services are available to all its clients and these services are not based on undue financial or any other consideration. IGS Assessment ensures that all its procedures /guidelines operate in a non discriminatory manner etc.




Operating in over 25 countries worldwide, ASCB(E) is thought to be the largest independent accreditation body in the world. Established in 1995, the organisation has been a persistent pioneer in the field of accreditation, well known and respected for its combination of innovative and user-friendly business acumen and its respect for the vigorous maintenance of integrity and Impartiality that is the hallmark of the quality assurance profession. Accreditation is a formal, third party means of assessing the Technical competence and integrity of a Certification Body. IGS Assessment operates an independent Certification and Auditing department. All relevant activities of IGS operate to the ISO 17021: 2015 standard and QMS is accredited by the ASCB, a UK Accreditation Body which is respected for its integrity and impartiality throughout the World. Utilizing a quantitative evaluation of Conformity to constantly monitor and assess the performance of its accredited members, ASCB also provides a high level of assurance to organizations that they are successfully assessed against the requirements of the Standards to which they are Accredited.  ASCB is a member of the Global Accreditation Forum (GAF) which promotes the best practices in quality assurance, and operates with its own standards and procedures based on the needs of international accreditation. Any disputes between an Accredited certification body and a registered organisation may always be referred to the GAF for review.

Core Values of IGS Assessment


The vision of IGS Assessment is to become a global giant in the Asia Pacific region enabling Government, Public and Private sectors to implement International Standards thereby producing world class quality management system around us.


The challenge of business in today’s competitive world is to produce quality products or services efficiently. Quality is one of the four key objectives in operations management along with cost, flexibility and delivery of goods and services.

Quality is not a new concept in modern business. William Cooper Procter, grandson of the founder of Procter & Gamble told his employees, “The first job we have is to turn out quality merchandise that consumers will buy and keep on buying. If we produce it efficiently and economically, we will earn a profit in which you will share”.